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what is chadchan?

ChadChan is... a lot of things. For one, it's my "baby". I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it being what it is. It's also my most successful project. I'm betting you want a real answer though, right?


ChadChan is a BBS (Bulletin Board System) with the feel of a 2004 forum, and the layout of your usual Futuba-like *chan. It features a self-moderating community, and a massive focus on what I call "user-centrism". I essentially engineered the backend, made some rules to make sure nobody breaks the law, and left the rest to the userbase. As a result, ChadChan has a strong encouragement for free speech, anti-censorship, privacy, and security.

why did you make chadchan?

I felt that many social media platforms fall short of expectations these days. People tend to forget the golden age of the Internet, with those dial-up BBS things that were essentially controlled by senior users, sysadmins, and friendless geeks who put everything they have into UNIX. While nobody knows about them now (or really did back then), important and entertaining conversations took place in them. They weren't completely free, but they were magical. Some even had games on them, and the more trusting ones even hosted email!


I'm also a regular user of 4chan and 8chan. I've been a user of 4chan for an especially long time, and tend to only use 8chan for research use. I've got gripes with both of them. First of all, 8chan - while taking the "one global rule" philosophy into practice, ends up becoming a more edgy (and quite slow) Reddit clone with a Futsuba theme. 4chan, on the other hand, isn't too great either. Once you dismiss what the rumors say and actually use the site on a regular basis for years on end, you start to realize some issues with it - the most prominent of which is the adware on it. Without a CLI browser or something like uMatrix, 4chan becomes an ad-centric site. Many of the ads are as malicious as they are useless, and harms the user. There's also a massive decrease in quality of posts in the later years of the site, especially after things like the Scientology raids and the 2016 election. Honestly, the only decent boards anymore are /bant/, /g/, and /m/.


In more recent public events, I've noticed that there seems to be an increase in online censorship. Certain people/groups are pushing the agenda against the was-then "wild west" Internet, and more towards a civilized "real life" type of thing. In addition, governments of various nations have been censoring users online, and even going as far as shutting down entire websites to fit their newly-made laws, which often benefit a loud minority. It's been proven that people act differently in public as opposed to private settings. For this reason, people tend to go to various *chans, which is a respectable decision. However, the majority of people out there will still use harmful sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, etc. despite the damning evidence against them in the growing sense of anti-freedom and staff corruptions. Why? I've boiled it down to "profiles" - live snapshots of a user. I can understand this. In fact, some people see where I'm going with this, and use GNUsocial or Mastadon. Good for them.


I've used GNUsocial/Mastadon in the past. Not bad, I've gotta say. A lot of potential, but there's one caveat - they're essentially governed by the FSF. Take that as you will.


In March of 2019, I decided to make ChadChan exist. I wanted the user to have as much freedom as I can possibly give them without harming other users without their consent. I wanted self-moderating users. I wanted users to control as much of the site as possible without getting malicious. I wanted ways to support the site by the users, without ending up like Wikipedia. I wanted to rift the grounds of what it meant to be a "modern social network". And the result was beautiful.

what does chadchan offer?

It's no question that ChadChan is essentially avant-garde social media. So, why use it? Here's what I've boiled down:


  • Complete free speech is allowed. Hate speech doesn't exist, so it isn't enforced.
  • Users can suggest things to add/edit/remove on ChadChan. After a proportionate amount of votes, the motion will be confirmed, and the changes will be made.
  • Users aren't tracked like how other platforms track users. The only things noted are registrations, referrals, posts, and votes.
  • Advertisements on ChadChan don't harm the user. They are simply images that link to trusted sites.
  • All user data is encrypted with RSA-4096. I also don't sell/give away user data, even the data we do keep track of (see bullet #3).
  • The only purpose of an email for registration is for password recovery. Users aren't sent emails.
  • ChadChan staff are veteran users prior to promotion, voted to be staff by the userbase, and are paid one (1) Hot Pocket a year.
  • More shit that I can't think of right now.
what about shoopy?

For those of you who don't know this chapter of my life, I essentially wasted a year developing a pipe dream.


For those of you who do know, ChadChan is the proven representation of everything I originally envisioned Shoopy to be. I don't mind the failure of the Kickstarter, but I do learn from it to this day. My relation to Shoopy was an outstanding experience, even if it did fail miserably.


Also, the Kickstarter money was refunded to the supporters. Just to let the fellas out there know.

you're clearly using a prefab engine. you're a skiddie.

I'm gonna respond to the latter comment first: I'm no skiddie. If you know me, you already know that. If you don't know me, you're in no position to say that.


As for the other comment, I am using a prefab engine, for a couple of reasons.


The name of the engine is MyBB. It's quite popular, but for my reasons, it's entirely free (as in air) software.

I also used it because plugins are easily built in it. This makes it easier for ChadChan users to add their own content (once verified by users) to add to ChadChan.


I will also bring 4chan into account with this. Their build is based on Futuba (2/5chan), and ChadChan is based on MyBB.

final thoughts

I don't expect ChadChan to skyrocket to the levels of popularity that platforms like Instagram and Facebook are at right now. I don't expect to change any minds to what social media should be. I don't expect people to even enjoy using ChadChan. I built ChadChan to have a place I actually enjoy online. Many other users (450+ now) agree with this, and use ChadChan on a daily basis. I'd say it's worth trying, even if you disagree completely with the values I've stated.



Thank you for your support.