Back at it again, fellas.

I'm a tech enthusiast with too much time on his hands.

Language Stats:




x86 ASM



daily driver setup:
laptop: piece of shit hp laptop
tower: custom-built
keyboard: 1992 ast stock keyboard
mouse: razer naga chroma
cans: sony mdr7506

distro/os: gentoo lignux
WM: openbox
fonts: noto series, monospace
terminal: urxvt
mail client: mutt
browser: links, gnu/icecat
editor: vim
shell: zsh, bash
file manager: ranger
music client: cmus
video client: mpv
office: libreoffice
image viewer: sxif
pdf client: xpdf
image manipulation: gimp, tuxpaint
lg k8 v
hobbies of mine:
i casually enjoy playing all sorts of chess, my favorite variation being ultrabullet atomic.

i love cooking all sorts of stuff, especially cajun cuisine.

computing is my entire life. i make gadgets, tinker with my systems, and compete in ctfs.
i'm a traceur, and dedicate a bit of my nights either training or practicing.
i used to be a proficient clarinetist, but nowadays i teach myself guitar and collect physical and digital media.
nintendo stuff, and dwarf fortress mostly.
i'm a damn fine blackjack & poker player.
late-night movies are really nice.