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As a man who prefers to spend the majority of my time alone, I've had a lot of time to observe both in myself and in others the effect individual and societal interaction has on people. nani I have noticed is a certain Natural law at work, namely that when a individual of greater health comes in contact with a society or person of lesser health, the health of the former is gradually worsened while the health of the latter is gradually improved until the two arrive at a sort of equilibrium whereby the less healthy individual has been improved and benefited from the interaction while the healthy individual has been weakened and suffered from it. Before going further I should clarify nani I mean by health: I do not mean anything related to the mere physical and biological aspects of health; in the context of this post I mean health in a mental, spiritual, and metaphysical sense. Following the end of the interaction between the two, and assuming everything else remains equal, both individuals will gradually return to their original levels of health for as long as they remain apart. This same law also applies at the societal level. For example, when a man of poor health is emerged in a society of great health, he is improved and benefited by the society while he in turn weakens and injures the society; likewise, the inverse is also true: a man of great health is injured and weakened by a society of poor health. The greater the difference in health between the two dictates the degree to which either one is improved or worsened, that is to say that a large difference between the two produces a large worsening in the healthier individual while a small difference produces a little worsening in the healthier individual.
  As an example to illustrate this point consider the contrasting effects of Wiemar Germany and National Socialist Germany upon the German people. The former induced sickness and weakness upon the German people, it caused a people who were formerly an industrious, hardy, ethical, and virtuous race to become debased, unfulfilled, and impoverished, while National Socialist Germany raised the German people up and out of the depravity and aided them in realizing their worth, making them proud, and reinvigorating their Germanic spirit. In other words, the German people were originally of superior health prior to the creation of the Wiemar Republic and gradually became unhealthy due to the illness inherent to the State, while they became healthier under the National Socialist regime due to its superior vital force.
   Having said all that, in relation to the modern world, facists are infinitely healthier than the societies in which we live. As such we have an obligation to maintain and continue improving our health in spite of the exponentially increasing depravity around us. To do this requires us to totally disengage from the system. By 'disengage' I mean more than just not watching TV and opposing blatant degeneracy. I mean not associating with anyone outside of your comrades. I mean not engaging in prevalent online cultures as found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Gab, Discord and 4chan. I mean outright avoiding and separating from modern society entirely. I realize this is a lofty ideal and I don't expect anyone to fully achieve it, but it is the ideal and it's one we, as Fascists, must work towards; the degree to which we insulate ourselves from modern society is the degree to which we fulfill our worldview. In other words, make sure the barrier between yourself and modern society grows bigger everyday -- we want massive chasms separating us from them. Those chasms must be built within yourself before they're built externally in the physical world otherwise the degeneracy will creep right back in and you'll have no one but yourself to blame.

Fascism is health, don't compromise yours chads.
Chad is pretty rad.
Very well written. Fascism is probably the healthiest ideology because it encourages vigorous exercise and extensive reading of literature. Unlike socialism where most "men" are feminized and weakened by meatless estrogen filled plant based food and soy. Socialists are also likely to eat more fast food and watch more entertainment like movies and television despite being anti corporation. If they were true to their thoughts, they would stop consuming food and media made by (((big business))) and start production of their own food and clothing instead of adding to nani they are fighting against. They wouldnt go to their weak protests and rallies. They wouldnt fight the police or smash random things in a riot (which is based but useless), they would prepare to take action against the corporate machine and the government which they hate so much. they just are not thinking things through.
i would rather have economic incentive for improving utility and freedom.
(01-24-2020, 10:45 PM)castrated Wrote: i would rather have economic incentive for improving utility and freedom.
How would you improve utility and freedom?
Infinitely based. Once a man has seen the world for nani it truly is they can no longer find purpose in incentives based in materialism. The improvement of the self and the fight against nani one perceives to be the evil in this world is the only concept which should drive a truly virtuous man. Sadly, I do not see a way to translate this sentiment into a philosophy for the masses. As such, fascism is nani comes closest to truth, but this is a truth which it can never achieve, for it heavily draws from a glorified leader image and from herd mentality, which are essential to its success, but which render the everyday man to be no more than cattle, just like in communist and capitalist systems.
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